Linqit matches demand and expertise

The new labor market has been named gig-economy. The gig-economy is all about new customer behaviors, changes in the world and the need for new skills.

Linqit is currently mediating assignments in the following industries.

Our goal is to continuously broaden the service and we are adding industries as demand arises. As an entrepreneur, you can participate and influence how Linqit develops. If you have any requests or wishes, you are welcome to contact us via email or phone.

Construction and woodworking

The construction industry is characterized by seasonal work and economic cycles, which means that there can be a period of shortage of workforce. This industry has been working with gig-thinking for many years, and Linqit offers a way to systematize and expand the networks. Professional knowledge and quality of work are becoming increasingly important and demand for professionals is growing.

Here’s how you gig: This is where you can find masons, construction workers and plumbing installers for temporary projects that require fast decisions and an extra pair of hands. As gig:ers, you have the chance to take on both short and long-term jobs with Linqit’s registered construction contractors.


Within the broad field “manufacturing” you will find mounting, electrical and automation work, metalworking, plastic processing and work management. But the skills can also include welding, industrial maintenance and cleaning/blasting. In this field, expertise is often niched and the demand is high.

Here’s how you gig: This is where you leaders can find specialist knowledge easily. Linqit enables new forms of collaboration between companies on specific projects as well as completely new products that might otherwise not be possible to deliver. Many subcontractors to major industries can be found here.

Engineers and technical expertise

Technical know-how is sought after and crucial to the development of society as a whole. Via Linqit you will find companies that offer their expertise in drawings, project management, electricity and automation, research and development.

Here’s how you gig: For those who have an interest and ability to creatively solve technical problems, there are good opportunities to work in both smaller and larger projects. Regardless of your specialization, interesting challenges are offered in both national and international companies.

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are today all about combining smart communication and digital technology. Here you will find the special skills needed to take your company into the future. Copywriting, content production, social selling, social media consulting, graphic design, photography and public relations.

Here’s how you gig: This industry has always been within the scope of gig-thinking. As a freelance creator you will find your client and your client will find you. Here you’ll find both one-off projects as well as ongoing collaborations.


There is a screaming national shortage of coders and programmers. The need for IT consultants with different excellence doesn’t seem to be cooling off. Here you will also find experts in IT-support as well as hardware services.

Here’s how you gig: The company with the fastest rate of change and flexibility wins. Are you the one who wants to help companies streamline their business by the help of smart IT-solutions? Congratulations, here’s a great demand from the market!

Management and HR

Human resources (HR) and personnel are A and O in all industries. No company can do without well-functioning management and leadership. Within Linqit there are, among others, lawyers, coaches and experts on management systems.

Here’s how you gig: Today, specialist knowledge in the field is needed. You may need consulting help at management level or maybe a lawyer who will ensure that you get a case investigated. Find the expertise here, for both shorter and longer assignments.

Social and health care

The social and health care industry is living in a rapid change. The reforms are many and more and more private players are entering the industry. Right now, there is a large workforce shortage within this industry, going on throughout the country. This is where quick, temporary drop-ins to ensure the functioning and statutory operations of different units are much needed.

Here’s how you gig: Here, you as individual caregivers or other healthcare-trained staff, can offer your helping hands to, for example, a service home. If you are looking for workforce for your units, Linqit can find the skills and workforce you need. There is also a direct need for specializations within the industry that can be usefully conveyed here.

Restaurants and cleaning

Restaurant and cleaning is a broad industry that is creative, social and human. Many private actors operate here, but the public sector also needs cafe workers, head waiters, pizza bakers and nutritionists. The industry is booming, while operators are finding it difficult to find qualified personnel in the market.

Here’s how you gig: Today it’s not just waitresses and chefs who work in the bar and restaurant. You can also make a career as a restaurant manager, reception manager and event manager.