Sell your services via Linqit

In order to sell your services at Linqit, you must register and create a company profile where you describe your expertise, your services and the company’s pricing. Also upload the company logo, a picture of the company, or yourself.

When another company seeks workforce that matches your services and competencies, your profile is visible in their search results. As a member of Linqit, you are notified when another company wants to buy your services. After your collaboration, the client can give feedback on the job done.

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Two months for free

The first two months are always free. This gives you the opportunity to test Linqit and its functions free of charge. When the test period expires, you decide whether you want to continue your membership or not.

What does it cost?

The membership fee for Linqit varies depending on how big your company is. The fee is lower for companies that only want to sell services, than for companies that want access to both the buying and selling function.

Choose a package that suits you!

What is your company’s yearly revenue?

Buy and sell services

30 € per month

Sell services

15 € per month

Buy and sell services

40 € per month

Sell services

20 € per month

Who can register?

To become a member of Linqit, you should either be a registered company with a FO-number, or an easy-entrepreneur using billing services such as UKKO, Eezy or similar. You become a member by registering the company in Linqit’s web app.

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