You who consider yourself brave and flexible – Welcome to Elsas Kitchen!

The slamming of trays, joyous laughter and then a moment of calm whilst enjoying nourishing food. This is lunch time at Elsa’s kitchen in Norrvalla, Vörå.

The ground meat patties make your mouth water and dessert bowls are being filled one by one. Elsa’s Kitchen feeds you all 7 days of the week and everything is made from scratch.

Students, teachers, athletes, pensioners, hotel guests. There is no one type of customer that visits Elsa’s kitchen at Norrvalla. Everyone is welcome and everything from breakfast to ala carte dinner is served ,as well as private dinner parties.

  • We work with various tasks such as catering for school lunch, dances, concerts and sports events. We are always eager and on the lookout to find new things. The days are busy, it is not a desk job, says head chef Anders Rönnqvist.

At the moment Elsa’s kitchen is looking to fill two positions. One in the kitchen on a full time basis starting April – November, as well as waiting staff that are prepared to fill in when needed and be flexible.

The chef is in charge of food preparation and the waiting staff sets the tables, cleans up after the customers, handles the cashier, and prepares breakfast for the following day.

  • You do not need a specific qualification. Attitude, flexibility and initiative are far more important. In the kitchen it is naturally an advantage if you have some experience within kitchen work, says Rönnqvist.


Food made from scratch

What makes Elsa’s kitchen stand out comparing to other places Rönnqvist has worked is foremost the food that is always made from scratch.

  • We roll our meatballs ourselves and there is no ready made stock. We cook our own, even when big volumes are needed. In addition to this we only use Finnish produce and we know exactly what our food contains.

Every monday all employees gather up and create the menu for the next week. Everyone in the kitchen gets to influence and we are happy to try out new ideas.

  • Many times per week we get to hear how the customer appreciates our food, which of course always feels great!

In addition to a big and well equipped kitchen, good raw products and varied menu, Elsa’s kitchen provides exercise opportunities. Beyond the 9000-12000 steps that are acquired during a normal days work, the employee has a right to two workout sessions per week for 45 minutes each when possible. Swimminghall, free gym, and price reduced course fees are part of the staff benefits.

Do you want to work for Elsa’s Kitchen?If so. please contact Anders Rönnqvist: