MK-Electrical installations likes working with strong networks

This weeks Linqit-member MK- Electrical installations mainly works within Vasa and Korsholm with surrounding areas. The owner of the company Mathias Källberg is an electrician since 2005 and entrepreneur since 2014. And he likes it.


– Most electricians today operate as entrepreneurs. We cooperate with other professions within the industry and often join projects through either private customers or via the project manager. My day to day mainly consists of problem solving and customer relations – this is what makes it so rewarding and fun!

For an electrician today it is also about strong networks. Källberg sees the digital network and knowledge as something that is becoming increasingly important.

– Still to this day our industry tends to do it the old fashioned way by contacting in person, but the digital ways of reaching each other is rapidly taking over. Visibility is becoming more and more important to us, says Källberg.