Enqvistbygg – The construction company that does it all!

With almost 12 years experience within the construction industry, Mikael Enqvist & Enqvistbygg construction company is the construction company that does it all. If you operate in Närpes and surrounding area, Enqvist bygg is the perfect local partner – they do everything from renovations and inspections to new buildings, and offer free of charge calculation of cost for each project.


Mikael values his customers and wants to offer the best possible customer service, profitable solutions, and wants to be the supplier who does everything to make you happy.

If these are qualities that you value when you hire construction workers, we hope that you contact Enqvistbygg regarding your constructions projects.

You can reach Mikael via email: mikael@enqvistbygg.fi, or mobile: 040 8617316